The Night When Animals Talk

Sante Roperto

eBook, In evidenza, in inglese, Narrativa - Pesci Rossi, Romanzo-Racconti


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The Night When Animals Talk is a story about the seasons of life; of childhood affections and great passions. Matteo and Claudia meet again in Calabria during a festival in honor of the Virgin Mary and their old love story comes back to life in the setting where it began. Many years before, from the same town, Matteo’s grandfather, Alessandro, had set off to fight in the Second World War. Once at the front in Africa, Alessandro also reminisced about a love that would never be. Years later, in the narrow streets of Conflenti, the lives of Alessandro, Matteo and Claudia cross once again, shadowing each other during the days of the feast. Loves not lived and ancient farming traditions, choices that change and the dreams of different generations that intertwine until reaching a heartwarming and poignant finale.


Sante Roperto lives in Caserta, and is an associate professor of Veterinary Medicine at the Federico II University of Naples. He is the author of more than 50 scientific papers published in international magazines. Since 1997 he has worked as a journalist: for 10 years he was the correspondent for Superbasket and he founded and directed the Marketing Division of JuveCaserta. He worked with the networks of the Lunaset group and wrote for many regional newspapers in Campania. He anchors sports shows on Radio Prima Rete since 1999. In 2010 he wrote A 40 minuti dal paradiso, and in 2012 L’uomo dell’ultimo tiro – La biografia di Nando Gentile was published, participating in the Bancarella dello Sport. The Night When Animals Talk is his debut novel.

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