Destination Russia

A ship and a cat in the tundra and other extra-ordinary encounters

Roberta Melchiorre e Fabio Bertino

in inglese, Viaggi

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The road to travel with Destination Russia is a long one: it takes many hours by train. But there is no time to be bored: the journey is a continuous discovery unveiling the true essence of this extraordinary country through encounters with ordinary people met in environments only cold in appearance but which, in reality, warm the heart. Destination Russia is, then, the narration of a string of unforgettable stories: the elderly lady travelling towards a remote archipelago in search of “hope” or Yashik, with his face marked by life, who already beyond the Arctic Circle, tells us he comes from North, the meeting with a cat (rather, a female cat) in the tundra, or the one with a couple of railway workers, living their love aboard the world’s longest railway line, or with the students of a school-museum. Even the one with an uncontaminated lake or simply with compartment mates on the train “where all of Russia travels”. The authors show us an extraordinary world through their eyes, a gaze that manifests all their love for this endless land, a passion as limitless as Russia itself, able to overcome geographical boundaries to reach the soul.


Roberta Melchiorre, after graduating in Foreign Languages and Literature, with a Slavic emphasis, lived for long periods of time in Moscow and Petersburg. She works with international projects at the Polytechnic University of Turin and, for some years, has been a happy volunteer Italian teacher for foreigners in Alessandria, Italy.

Fabio Bertino, once achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business, tries to compensate with another in Cultural Anthropology. He lives between Alessandria and the hills of the Monferrato, loves writing and travelling and contributes to the online magazine, “Erodoto108”. Together Fabio and Roberta also published World zapping. Racconti di viaggio.

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«What they pack into 140 pages is quite phenomenal; you genuinely feel as though you there on the journey with them, having the conversations they’re having, seeing the sights that they’re seeing; and after finishing the book you’re left with quite a remarkable sense of connection to a land you may not have ever visited before» Megan su Mapping Megan

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