Easy Happiness. Growing Together in an Affective Democracy

Renato Palma

in inglese, Salute e benessere

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Is someone afraid of children being happy? Do you believe that happy children would be at risk for maintaining discipline or relationships? The “democrazia affettiva” affective democracy, proposed here by Renato Palma, arose from a simple observation: the well-being of newcomers is our own well-being, the less effort we make children expend to grow, the less effort will be expended by our society tomorrow.

All children are born happy. They love us unconditionally. Are we able to do the same? This is how the author in his clear and captivating voice recounts how all of us can try to live very pleasantly in this easy happiness. Even more at school where often a minimal dose of mistreatment, considered “acceptable,” is given as inevitable.

This work gives us pause to reflect whilst inviting us to face any eventual problems with a culture of happiness, which is the same that our children can learn from adults who are joyously well disposed toward them.


Renato Palma, physician and psychotherapist, lives and works in Florence where his private practice includes therapy with individuals, couples and families. His research has been focused on non-conflictual and non-authoritarian development of interpersonal relationships. Author of essays and books that propose a radical change in the adult-child relationship, he has given a great deal of attention to children and the easy happiness with which it is possible (and wonderful) to grow together. His latest book is I sì che aiutano a crescere (Saying Yes to Help Children Grow).

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