Jacopo Caneva’s Tim Burton

Jacopo Caneva

Cinema e Performing art, in inglese, Libri



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Tim Burton tells the weird world of imagination, the narrow line between dream and reality. He is a nostalgic kid who observes where everybody things there is nothing to see. He creates surreal monster, ghosts, he divides and makes up the reality, and he paints it with unexpected dark and bright colors. He fears the conformism because there is no space for fantasy in there. There are disturbing discolored petrified non-places, and characters with horrifying feelings and kids with a dangerous fantasy. There must be a reason if most of Burton’s fans are teenagers: kids with a Jack Skeletron tattoo, or girls who love Sweeney Todd, and not to mention Halloween when everyone can be the Corpse Bride or Edward Scissorhands. Nowadays teens do not identify with Disney anymore and cannot feel the Spielberg nostalgia for their lost childhood. In this narrow line there is the young author of this book. He looks at Burton’s movie with an accurate bewitch method. He is a passionate fan of his beloved inspirational director. One can almost know anything about Burton movie, but Jacopo’s perspective is very catchy since he gets rid of all those complication that Burton demolishes in his movies. Burton fairytales can also be read as melancholic bewitched scores with a slow cadence. Brilliant harp, harmony and composition student Jacopo aims to analyze also all the soundtracks, mostly by Elfman. He reads Burton’s poetic under a new musical perspective.



Jacopo Caneva was born in Latisana (near the city of Udine) on the 29th of June 1998 and now lives in Portogruaro (in the Venice province). He studies in the fifth year of the “XXV Aprile” secondary school focusing on humanities of his city. He’s learning to play the harp and he is studying harmony and composition. His favourite directors are Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki and Takeshi Kitano; he loves music by Modest Musorgskij, Danny Elfman, Claude Debussy and Joe Hisaishi and loves reading works by Haruki Murakami and Lewis Carroll. His ambition is to become a movie director. Here he is in his room with puppets from Burton’s movies, which exhibited at MoMA in New York.

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