Pisa discovered by Diego Casali

Diego Casali



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Moving from the Leaning Tower. It is not the title of a thriller but the concept of Pisa, discovered by Diego Casali, the guidebook of the best known tuscan city in the world.

The Leaning Tower, which attracts millions of visitors every year, becomes the beginning of infinitive trips inside the ancient quarters of the medieval center. So the author try to stroll the traveller among itineraries, figures and beauties which Pisa is able to offer beside the Tower.

There are lots of special contents too, really useful these day, especially the one dedicated to “Pisa Gratis” (Pisa for free): cleaver ideas like the map of public drinking fountains (where tourist and not can find fresh water); suntan & coolness; the map of free Internet or the public parks. Many pages are dedicated to the gastronomical tradition of tuscany and pisan food with the suggestion of the author to make easier the choose for lunch or dinner.

The book is above all a poetic flight over the history, the culture and the hidden secrets of the ‘many Pisas’ inside Pisa itself, that too often lives at the shadow of the Leaning Tower.


Diego Casali, born in Lucca, is a journalist for “La Nazione” (one of the oldest italian newspapers), chief of Pisa’s editorial staff. He graduated in Hispanic philology at Pisa’s University. His publications are: Try your luck. Da Lucca all’America una nuova generazione di emigranti si racconta (“Try your luck, from Lucca to USA the tale of a new generation”), 2008, for Maria Pacini Fazzi publishing; Lucca, guida d’autore (“Lucca, an author’s guide”), 2012, for effequ publishing.

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