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A journey between innovation and change

Danilo Broggi

con Guerini e Associati Edizioni, in inglese, Libri

ebook 18,99€ | cartaceo 16,00 €

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This book is drawn from a collection of articles that first appeared in the «Smart thinking» column of Longitude, the first Italian monthly foreign-language magazine published in English and distributed worldwide. Longitude, a brainchild of its editor-in-chief, Pialuisa Bianco, head of the Strategic Forum of Foreign Ministry, represents an initiative of «public diplomacy». The book provides an enquiring perspective at issues concerning international politics and economics, at social, environmental and financial problems, with the aim of raising awareness about the small beating butterfly wings that cause storms. It also represents a culturally introspective analysis of the author’s native country, in which he casts a revealing beam of light, guiding sailors through the tempestuous seas of international affairs, global socio-economic trends and the interconnection of dangers and opportunities. The author is never assertive and encourages the reader to question and reflect on the great changes that the increasing boost of innovation is bringing about on all levels. The book is an invitation to the reader to get ready through both the calm and the storm, by keeping a clear head and practicing smart thinking.


Danilo Broggi, born in Milan in 1960, is an entrepreneur and start-upper, had managerial positions in both the public and the private sector, has been President of confapi (Italian Confederation of small and medium size enterprises) and Ceo of consip SpA and atac SpA. He was, and still is, member of the board of directors of private companies operating in various sectors (banking, finance, insurance, industry and services), President of the Centro Cultura di Impresa and member of the Advisory Board of the Finance Department of sda Bocconi University.

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