China: in the Name of Law

A New Global Order

Francesco Sisci

in inglese, Storia

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For the first time ever in its history China will be ruled by law, as president Xi Jinping announced. It will be a dramatic departure from its traditions and a big leap forward in westernization—or not? Because China had its old legal tradition but was based on orders issued by the monarch not covenants agreed between common people, like in Rome motherland of the western judiciary.


Francesco Sisci lives and works in Beijing. He is a senior researcher at the Center for European Studies at the China Renmin University. Sisci is also columnist for “Asia Times” with the column Sinograph and he often comments on international affairs for cctv and Phoenix tv. For more than two decades he worked as journalist in China covering political, social and economic issues about the development of China writing many books and essays. Sisci was the first foreigner ever admitted to the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (cass, China’s top research body).

On february 2016 he interviewed Pope Francis for “Asia Times” [read the article]


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