Robots cant’do networking (yet)

12 takeaways on how to create and manage interpersonal relationships in the digital era

Gianfranco Minutolo

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“What counts is what’s written on your curriculum vitae, what you’ve done.” Until yesterday this was the rule that governed rising to the top in the professional world. The current job market, on the other hand, seems to be increasingly interested in the so-called soft skills, the aptitude skills that make one profile more suitable than another.
The “queen” of these soft skills, the one that will allow both young people and their elders to face the exponential social and technological changes that await us, is the ability to create and maintain interpersonal and professional relationships over time. In other words: networking.
The book tells a personal story in a simple, passionate and detailed way so that readers can understand the dynamics that regulate the creation of an effective network of contacts. Real cases are dissected in clear, methodological takeaways and summed up by quotes that show how the fruits of forty years can be replicated and are within the reader’s reach through training and good techniques.


Gianfranco Minutolo has over thirty-five years of corporate and professio­nal experience, twenty-five of which have been devoted to cost manage­ment activities with his consulting firm, Corporate Consulting srl. From 2010 to 2017, he was the executive in charge of Bocconi Alumni Relations. At the same time, as director of the BAA (Bocconi Alumni Association), he helped develop the global community of 114,000 ex-students and collaborated in the organization of over 1,500 events around the world.


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