Gianfranco Minutolo

Robots cant’do networking (yet)

The book tells a personal story in a simple, passionate and detailed way so that readers can understand the dynamics that regulate the creation
Gianluigi Torzi

Thinking Outside the Box

The emergency turns into a national and individual opportunity, the lockdown has allowed our minds to move
Nicola Attico

Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain is an extraordinary technology that is revealing a surprising transformative power impacting all the industries
Beppe Carrella

Don Quixote. The leadership of near-win

We too might become the heroes of the story, one failure after the other. Uphold our ideals when everything around us is falling apart. Take our talent into our own hands. And well, to quote Will Eisner, it doesn’t matter whether Don Quixote truly existed, what matters is that his dream did. Foreword by Cristina Koch.
Beppe Carrella

Pinocchio. Leadership without Lies

Leadership is made of and is told through stories about great universal values which, however, we prove to lack in our communal everyday life
Silvia Longhi

The book of answers in rhyme

The Book of Answers in Rhyme will bring a smile to your face and maybe even gently, but resolutely, show you the path to take
Danilo Broggi

Ship’s Log

This book is drawn from a collection of articles that first appeared in the «Smart thinking» column of Longitude
Roberta Melchiorre e Fabio Bertino

Destination Russia

The authors show us an extraordinary world through their eyes, a gaze that manifests all their love for this endless land, a passion as limitless as Russia itself, able to overcome geographical boundaries to reach the soul.