Hamlet. Leader without Leadership

Beppe Carrella

goProf, in inglese, Libri


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Hamlet is someone eternally at war with the necessity to choose his path. A struggle management experts and business leaders are well-acquainted with. Hamlet is the epitome of the chronically undecided, who has made procrastination, indecisiveness and therefore, inaction, a way of life and of conduct. The heir to the Danish throne’s most famous line: “To be or not to be, that is the question”, an open declaration of skepticism, is strikingly applicable to managers, and not only them – as, deep down, Hamlet’s story is about each and all of us, regardless of our held position. Eventually, you come to understand that, perhaps, Hamlet is “just” a man, desperately, viciously fighting his destiny. Like we normally do everyday. So, how do we get out of this impasse? Shakespeare’s masterpiece will show us the way, we just have to read it carefully, like Beppe Carrella did.


Beppe Carrella is the founder and a current partner of BcLab as well as a professor at a number of universities both domestically and abroad. He has a background as CEO of several international companies in the ict field. In 2013 his book Provocative Thoughts ranked among the ten most prominent works on hrm practices according to prestigious American magazine HR.com. For goWare he has published Pinocchio. Leadership without Lies (2018), Don Quixote. Leadership of near-win (2019), Beatles. Leadership a tempo di musica (2020) and Parlane pure col mio robot… ma gli androidi fanno le spremute con l’arancia meccanica? (2018) co-written with Fabio Degli Esposti .


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