Faust. The Dark Side of Leadership

Beppe Carrella

goProf, Libri

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Being a leader and saving one’s soul by successfully doing one’s job is a very complex mission. Too often, leadership is but a footnote to ‘a Faustian pact’, an ethical hell that requires the conscientious use of an internal moral GPS. Faust’s story is a guide, capable of giving substance to our most hidden shadows, living with the presence of good and evil, re-establishing a relationship with nature and trying to recover that feminine energy that is present in each of us, often repressed. It could become a lifesaver for learning to juggle in a world that burns everything and everyone on the altar of profit. It is a tale that represents the effort to go beyond rationality and the accumulation of knowledge, a journey to escape the boredom of a life lived through the eyes of others. Perhaps at the end of this journey we will be able to smile at what K. Kraus writes: ‘The devil is an optimist if he thinks he can make men worse’. After all, by now, dear Mephistopheles, I know what you look like, and you are an optimist if you think I will sign a pact with you. Or maybe not?


Beppe Carrella currently partner and founder of BcLab and lecturer in several Italian and foreign universities. A past as CEO in international companies in the ICT world. In 2013 his book Provocative thoughts was considered among the ten most important books on the subject of human resources by the prestigious American magazine HR.com. With goWare he published Pinocchio. Leadership without Lies (2017), Don Quixote. Leadership of near-victory (2018), Hamlet, Leadership without leadership (2019), Beatles. Leadership in Time to the Music (2020) and Don Juan. The Masks of Leadership (2021).


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